3D Walkthroughs

Historically, creating an accurate 3D model of a physical space has been a time-consuming and expensive process that cost tens of thousands of pounds and required teams of people and days, if not weeks, to complete.

This all changed dramatically in 2014 with the advent of new cutting edge 3D camera technology from Californian company Matterport who are part funded by the investment arm of tech giant Qualcomm.

MCS Media are the first full service company in the U.K with the ability to deliver Matterport technology directly to homeowners and estate agents. The information on this page aims to describe in simple terms how the technology works and how it can be applied to enhance the marketing of a property. We also invite you to try out fully functioning 3D example models and experience the feel of moving through a property from the comfort of your own home or office…..


What is a 3D Walkthrough?

If you’re familiar with Google Street View this is a similar experience but more technically advanced and perfect for taking the viewer on an interactive internal tour of a property. Picture a 3D virtual representation of your living room, one you can fly over in a top-down view and even move through with the fluidity of a first-person video game. It’s as close as you can get to being there without actually being there! 

cameraHow does it work?

We use Matterports latest technology cameras which combine 3D mesh with HDR panoramic imagery to produce high-quality immersive 3D models. The camera is set to slowly rotate in several locations within each room of the property, capturing the colours and contours of a space—and calculating dimensions and spatial relationships between objects. The result is a comprehensive 3D scan of the property which we use to create a virtual walkthrough. 

From the same information we also create a small scale 3D model of the property known as a “Doll House” which is used to provide an overview of the layout and how each room fits within the overall space. The Doll House view can be rotated by the end user to examine layout, before taking a much closer look into each room in the form of a walkthrough.

Why is it useful?

This technology is ideal for creating the best possible viewing experience before actually setting foot in a property. Through a simple link added to a website it can be made available to everyone with a strong internet connection and is particularly interactive when viewed via an iPad or tablet device. It allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the property, taking as much time as they need to ‘walk’ each room, exploring all aspects and even looking out of the window to see the grounds. There are obvious benefits here for overseas viewers or those with limited time to visit multiple properties so this can be an invaluable tool in making the decision to view, purchase, or rent a property.

How should a property be prepared for 3D filming?

We only have one chance to capture the shots that we need and so it is essential that the property is as fully prepared in advance as possible. The perfect scenario is to have all rooms available for capture and all internal doors should be left open. If any rooms are not to be filmed this will result in a blanked out area on the Doll House view.

Furniture should be arranged as required and all unnecessary items should be removed to avoid any feeling of ‘clutter’. Any items of particular value, private or personal items, should be considered for removal as required.

During the shoot there should be no movement of people or pets within the filming area. 

Are there any restrictions?

Because we aim to create full continuity with our models it is important that we are able to work around the sun and ensure that all rooms are captured in roughly the same conditions of natural light. It would be immediately obvious if some rooms had been shot in daylight and others at dusk or in darkness. We prefer to avoid rain at the start of a shoot as it is often a useful enhancement to film the external approach to the main entrance. Rain conditions once we have moved inside do not affect us.

dollHow are 3D Walkthroughs shown or distributed

Very simply! All information captured by the camera is processed, stored securely, hosted, and streamed on demand from the Matterport cloud based server. We provide a simple embed code for connection to estate agency websites and property portals and a web link for direct mailing.

How much does it cost?

As with all MCS Media services we will need to assess the scale of the project before providing a quotation. We will look at the time that we expect to need, either in advance, at the property, or in follow up editing. As a general rule the creation of a 3D Walkthrough should cost roughly the same as a professional photography package.

Can I see how it works? 

Of course. We have provided two sample models which can be accessed from this page, one for a regular modern home and one for a large luxury property. Please feel free to take a look around…..

How can I commission a 3D model?

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will be pleased to talk you through the options for your project.