Drone Videos

Video Creation

Internal and ground based video is shot using advanced technology video cameras mounted on tripods, slider rails or dolly tracks for maximum stability and smoothness. More complicated shots involving turns or movements up or down stairs can be shot from a camera mounted on a hand held stabilisation gimbal.

External aerial footage is shot from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), commonly known as drones. A camera mounted on a drone is able to provide a unique perspective of a property, either through low level flight along driveways or across gardens or paddocks, or by high level flight up to 400ft showing the property set amongst its grounds and relative to the nearby properties or settlements. Both our aerial and ground based internal and external video is filmed on the same day wherever possible in order to minimize disruption to the property owner.

Because we also bring with us a wealth of property sales experience we can advise on the best ways to present and show your property within the relatively small 3-4 minute window of the typical marketing video. We could never attempt to show every room within that time so rather than try to recreate the printed brochure in moving images we will focus on key features and lifestyle aspects.

The aim of the finished video is to provide the end viewer with a unique and unrivalled snapshot of what it may be like to live in the property and experience the surroundings and facilities. This is particularly useful for those interested in such a property who may be based some distance away or overseas and can typically provide invaluable assistance in the decision making process.

Video Distribution

The creation of a video is only the first part of the process. From there we will work with your estate agent to market the video by linking to their websites and the major internet property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market (exact sites are dependant on your choice of agent). We can also provide a version for display on video screens in estate agents offices which will help to create an additional talking point for your property and attract maximum attention.

We provide access to commercial video hosting which allows the viewer to focus specifically on your property video with no distractions. All videos have their own dedicated internet page hosted throughour website but without any adverts, sponsored videos, or other people’s videos showing up after your video has finished playing.

Our video hosting servers will automatically detect the viewers device type, brower and internet connection speed and deliver the optimal video format and size regardless of whether the viewer is watching on a desktop PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
Once the video is online via MCS Media we can provide unparalleled feedback on performance and viewing data, enabling detailed insight into where and how your video is being seen across the internet.


We monitor:

  • Impressions and plays – How many impressions (loads) and plays your video receives and how many individuals are watching your video
  • Location – Where in the world your videos are being played
  • Video type – Whether viewers are watching your videos in HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition)
  • Device type – Whether the video is being played on mobile or desktop devices
  • Playback type – Is the video being played with Flash or HTML5

All the above are useful because it allows us (and you) to understand the effectiveness of the video within your wider marketing and helps your agents to identify patterns, locations, and specific viewers which can then be followed up.

Impressions and plays

 Device type   Locations 1

Video Packages

An MCS Media video package would typically comprise the following elements:

  1. Initial site visit and talk through of requirements and possibilities
  2. Property filming (internal, external and aerial)
  3. Video upload to MCS Media website, optimized for professional video distribution and linked to major property portals and estate agents websites.
  4. Video analytics and feedback to monitor the effectiveness and global reach of the video.



Why should I use MCS Media for property filming?

MCS Media is a division of MCS Investment Property Ltd, a well established property sales and management company operating nationally across the UK. We understand what elements are important and interesting for potential property buyers and we aim to showcase these to best effect through drone flight and smooth internal and external video. By hosting the finished edited video on our own website we offer a dedicated high quality viewing experience which is free of adverts and distractions and allows the user to interact and quickly request a physical viewing of the property.

Is my property suitable for aerial filming?

Aerial filming will capture the property from all angles and will create stunning results, however the impact is maximized when the property is detached and set within it’s own grounds as this will showcase the setting, outdoor facilities and degree of privacy. It is important to note that our drones can only fly over private land or property with the owners permission, therefore the proximity of any close neighbours should always be considered.

How long does it take to create a video?

Our service includes an advance visit to view the property, discuss the process with you, and assess the best opportunities for internal and external filming. This would require one to two hours and can be planned at your convenience.

On the day of filming we would typically require a half day for internal video and a half day for external and aerial video. Unless weather dictates otherwise we will always aim to complete the full shoot on the same day to minimize disruption.

We require a further day to edit the raw footage into a finished video of 3 – 4 minutes duration and we will provide a finished edited video for approval within 5 working days.

Do I need to prepare my property for filming?

We will usually have only one opportunity to capture the finest points of your property so it is very important to ensure that everything looks as good as possible at the time of filming.

We will be aiming to create a video ‘snapshot’ of your property which text or photographs alone cannot match so we will often showcase elements that move and our cameras will move all around the exterior of the building. Internally we will feature only a small selection of key rooms and will discuss these with you in advance.

What are Drones?

To the military, they are UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems). However, they are more commonly known as drones.

Our operators use a variety of drones and equipment and personnel will be assigned depending on the individual requirements of the project. Some drones are relatively small with 4 rotors and can fly inside a property, across large rooms, and out through doorways or windows. The resulting footage of a flight across a room and through a pair of french doors for example can add a unusual and interesting element to a property video.

Other drones will be much larger with up to 8 rotors for increased stability and will typically carry a much heavier camera such as the Panasonic GH4 which combined with a professional stabilization gimbal will create TV quality results.

All our drone videos are shot in HD as a minimum, increasing to 4K if required.

Considerations when choosing a drone video package may include:

  • The scale of the property and surrounding grounds
  • Range of footage required
  • Likely weather conditions during the shoot
  • Time constraints
  • Budget

A key aim of MCS Media is to provide the knowledge, experience and equipment of professional film makers and make this available to estate agents and individual homeowners at a realistic cost. Our fees will vary depending on exact filming requirements and location but we always aim to provide an enhanced level of service at a competitive rate. Please contact us  for an initial discussion or quotation.

What relevant qualifications or experience do your drone operators have?

All drone operators working with MCS Media are carefully selected for their experience and for the quality of their work. All will be formally qualified to produce aerial video to UK commercial standards and will hold a BNUC-S certificate – this is the Basic National UAS Certificate for Small Unmanned Aircraft and is the preferred pilot qualification standard required by most national aviation authorities. They will then have received formal permission for commercial UAV aerial work which is granted and regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). All our operators are experienced in commercial video creation and will have worked for TV production companies on aerial footage for mainstream shows or created promotional videos for major businesses. Public Liability Insurance to £5,000,000 is carried as a minimum.

What factors limit the flight of drones?

For safety reasons our drones are limited to ‘line of sight’ operations from the remote pilot and have an altitude restriction of 400ft.

We require the landlowners permission to fly over all private land.

Flight over public land or roads will require permission from the local council or highways agency and should be avoided wherever possible.

Our drones cannot fly in rain and operation will be affected by strong winds (above 20mph).

We would not fly at night or in poor visibility.

What happens if the weather is bad at the time of filming?

Aerial filming in the UK will always be affected by weather conditions and a degree of flexibility on all sides should be maintained. If a property filming day has been scheduled we will monitor likely weather conditions and keep you updated as to suitability to fly. If we need to request a postponement we will aim to reschedule for the next suitable date at no additional cost.

What is HD and 4K?

Our default quality setting for video is standard HD definition which is perfect for high quality viewing via laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

We can shoot up to 4K however the resulting file sizes would be a lot larger and load times may be much longer depending on broadband speed which can impact on the end user experience.

4k is generally only used for TV production quality videos.

What do you charge to create a video?

This will depend on a number of factors such as size of property, location, expected time required, and equipment required (including any additional specialist equipment).

We provide a full service for property marketing including advance site visit, full days filming, editing package, and professional video hosting via MCS Media website with associated video analytics to measure effectiveness.

We will be pleased to provide a quotation on request.

How can I be sure that my video will be seen by prospective buyers?

Because we specialize in property video for sale marketing we understand the importance of ensuring that your video is seen in the right places and at the best level of quality. As part of our package we will host your video on the MCS Media website which has links from the major property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and On the Market as well as from your own estate agents website.

Our website will engage with viewers and offer opportunities to quickly and easily request a viewing appointment immediately after watching the video.